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FORMULA 18 Plant-Based Additive is a unique approach to hair reinforcement. Unlike other “bond building” products which require multiple steps and are comprised of polymer-based resins, we have selected specific plant-based ingredients for their genetic characteristics and amino acid structures.


By combining these ingredients in a specific ratio, we were able to create a truly remarkable Plant-Based Reinforcement product. This One-Step Plant Based Additive works with virtually every chemical service and is excellent for grey and resistant grey coverage.


We are stylist. So we know that only a stylist-exclusive brand that meets all our professional needs can help us reach your goals.


We get inspired by a holistic color system that gives your hair unlimited possibilities. From high-performance permanent color to gentle tonings we have everything for beautiful color results. Just the way you’ll love it.


It’s the secret of every outstanding look, every color, cut and styling, professional care products that complement your hair service. That’s how we achieve stunning results and make our clients fall in love with their hair again. Because healthy, shiny hair is what you carry out of our salon.

Hair Wellness is not often heard, but is one of the biggest drivers of feeling beautiful. AIIR accomplishes exceptional hair with using down-to-earth ingredients.

The AIIR line of products delivers a unique combination of high-performance professional hair products infused with natural botanicals and precious gemstones believed to deliver complete wellbeing.  


Virtue is built by a team of believers, optimists, and do-gooders. We put boundless stock in innovation. We sweat every detail. And above all, we strive to make a real, impactful difference, which means we only make products that deliver on what they promise. 


Our commitment to our values drives every part of our business, from ensuring that all our products are cruelty-free to our level of care for our customers. Most importantly, we believe that social responsibility should live at the core of a company, so we support like-minded nonprofits and take a stand when it matters most.


Duomo is recognized around the world for its architectural beauty and spiritual significance. It serves as an inspiration for artistic design and creativity, as well as a symbol of reverence and honor to the Invisible God. In its day, the Duomo was the epicenter of city life, wherein life's most meaningful moments had their place.


We believe that every salon serves as a mini-duomo, as the artist takes their place of significance in their clients' pilgrimage through life. Much like a traditional Duomo, the salon transcends the normal and becomes a spiritual experience.


From birth to death, marriage to divorce, and all of life's graduations in between, stylists take on the responsibility of the beautification of their clients both inside and out. We know you don't take this position lightly and we honor you, along with all artists, who serve their clients with this larger purpose in mind.

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